Why this course is ‘just fantastic’

My name is Suki Ferris, and I have just completed the Energy and Society MSc. I couldn’t be happier with this choice of Masters.grad-1

I have been privileged to gain an in-depth understanding of the current energy market, in addition to gaining insight within potential future sources of energy. This knowledge has been founded upon a thorough understanding of previous energy systems, that have shaped our present energy reality.
The intensive teaching weeks of this course have been truly eye-opening. I have learned so much about human energy consumption, with emphasis placed upon the cultural, historical, political, and economic explanation of how and why we attain energy. The course seminars allow for intensive discussions of specific energy related topics, where the international diversity and work experience of classmates and professors added original perspective.

The world of energy is changing, and it is changing rapidly. It has been inspiring to be part of a class that is passionate about understanding the nature of these changes. I am leaving this course with an overwhelming sense of hope that the future of energy is going to be creative, diverse, sustainable, and with this newly gained knowledge, I am going to help shape that future.


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