Venn Diagram of my Degree

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “I wonder what a graphical representation of the MSc Energy & Society degree would look like?”

Well wonder no more:

Degree venn diagram

This venn diagram shows that most of my modules intersect with three main issues: energy, society and the environment. If these are topics that interest you, you would probably enjoy taking this degree! Here’s a brief outline of what I’ve covered in each of my modules.

Renewable Energy & the Environment (optional)
Taught in the engineering department, this module teaches you how to calculate the power output of various renewable energy sources and an understanding of their technical specification. I’ve written about my experiences as an anthropologist taking this module here.

Society, Energy, Environment and Resilience (optional)
An eclectic mix of topics that focus more on environmental issues than any of the core modules. Taught from an anthropological perspective.

Contexts & Challenges in Energy and Society (core)
An interdisciplinary social science approach to the broad-scale political, technical, geographical and social aspects of the history of energy.

Energy, Society and Energy Practices (core)
Another interdisciplinary module that focuses on everyday practices of energy usage, studying energy at an individual or household level.

Other modules that don’t fit in the venn diagram are:

Development Anthropology (optional)
This examines the relationship between development and anthropology, highlighting disciplinary debates in historical perspective.

Field Study (core)
This module does double-duty as a methods module and a project, allowing students to get out in the field and work on socio-technical aspects to energy. I wrote about a trip we took as part of this module here.

Dissertation (core)
The topic of this is co-constructed with a supervisor and makes up 1/3 of the degree.

Of course, there are many other optional modules that can be chosen apart from the ones I have taken. Students can take modules from a variety of departments including anthropology, business, economics, geography and engineering. The modules on offer do change year on year, but there is always a wide selection to choose from.


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